Me and my favorite co-pilot in life

I cannot say thank you enough for stopping in at my blog!  I will be your tour guide through this super useful information, grammatical errors, and some jokes and stories that I hope you find funny.

My hope is that this blog becomes a page that you save, and continue to check for helpful tips on a variety of things.   Please follow the page!!!  I want this blog to be a powerful resource for mothers, fathers, or whomever may find the information useful.

I made a ton of mistakes, but I have most certainly had many wins with my daughter, she has been my guiding force when I thought there was no purpose.   I also want to hear what you may want to know so please see the about page and send me an email.   Thank you in advance!

Please check in often for new posts ranging from things about parenting, budgeting, education, activities, to things about gardening and beyond!  Follow the page and you will be notified that I have posted a new post.

I am so excited to have this blog back up and going, this should be Savvy Single Mom 2.0 as I had a blog before, but somehow I lost access to it and had to start over again.   I want to make this one even better than the last one!

Much love and respect,


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