Good Evening! It is summer everyone, it is that time that we planted our gardens and they are now coming through for us… here is the North we have had our two weeks of summer and now well, it’s still summer just not as summer as it was. So, the spelling of the word teepees… there were many different variations on the internet, I chose to go with this one.

My boyfriend and I planted two gardens this year mostly to try it out, but if anything came of it, the spoils may mostly go to the cows, goats, or the rabbit. Oh I will talk about them a lot in this blog. They are a huge part of our life on our little hobby farm.

Anyway, his daughters and I built these cute little garden teepees for the cucumbers and are in the process of building more for the snap pea plants. The process was really simple, but it was more about doing this together and it really was a lot of fun, and did not take a great deal of time. We used materials we already had lying around the land, or in the barn so it did not cost us anything either.

This is how we constructed these Blair witch project looking teepees:

Find sticks about an inch in diameter that can be easily broken with your feet

Find some kind of string–we used bailing twine from hay that had already been used for the animals

Once the sticks are broken and are approximately the same height (this does not require perfection)

Pull the together and then let the sticks go out in tripod type shape

Weave your string in between the top of the stick, once you think that is secure enough wrap top to bottom–we do not want these falling apart on your helpless cucumbers

Now, take more of the string and wrap it down the tripod a bit,

Take the cucumber plant and gently tie it at the top of the teepee

Wrap the string almost all the way down the teepee

Secure the string at the bottom of the teepee to ensure that your cucumbers have much room to stretch and grow

These have helped my cucumbers grow immensely in the last few weeks.

I found the original idea on Pinterest and found a way to use all earth friendly materials just in case it did not work out, Seems good so far, and the girls and I had a blast putting them together.

Thank you for reading, much love,


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