Well, it was part of the name of the first blog I had, that I cannot get access to any longer, hence the reason for beginning Savvy Mom 2.0. Originally, the blog was called Savvy Single Mom Survival Guide it was on blogger. I decided to take the Single out because, well, I wanted to write to all mom’s. And quite frankly, I would love to reach more than just mom’s I would love to reach dad’s, guardians, families, or other bloggers as well.

I liked Savvy because I had used a lot of research, goals, and planning to get through life when it was just me and Olivia in Virginia. And honestly, I thought our processes were pretty savvy of us, and innovative survivor mom was not as catchy a title. I talk a great deal about that time because we were 100’s of miles away from her dad, and hundreds of miles more away from my family. We made it work in every sense of the word, we made finances work, single mom life, child visitation, getting to work on time, and getting to daycare on time, to us time. WE did it! That is not to say that once we moved back to Upstate NY that we are not still doing it because we are. She is older now, we are with my family and we have new people in our lives that make it all so much easier.

I will discuss this in a later blog post about blending two families together, learning to live with someone new, and how we worked through blending us together has been a trip. Olivia and I lived our lives one way, came home, lived with my parents for a while, and then moved in with my boyfriend. So, we have had to make alot of situations work in the last few years. But we did it… together.

To be honest, this whole blog thing, started out as a book that I was jotting down notes to the notes usually were about crappy types of men that I met, then that moved to recipes, then to quotes, then to how to’s. Eventually the first blog was born, and Olivia and I went crazy the first time someone other than us looked at it. I still get that amazing rush of excitement when someone peeks into our crazy world. I was rejuvenized when my mom, her friends and I were chatting about my long commute, and what else could I do— they all said you have always liked to write. I agreed, I do LOVE to write everything from lists, to budgets, poems, outlines, plans, stories, letters, everything. I have always loved to write. Then I found out that blogging was like a conversation with your reader… and I was hooked on this idea. I also am an extravert, who has no issue talking and sharing.

What I always wished I was doing… but it was put to the side.

Then, we moved back home I got busy in my new job, and the 120 mile round trip commute back and forth to work each day, working a second job to save for a house, planning an amazing trip to Mexico with my besties– and meeting more than my fair share of crappy men. So, the blog went to the back burner, I switched from iphone to android and no longer needed the icould account, and wham… bye bye to the first blog.

Just an average girl in Mexico

So, this blog is my pride and joy. I am listening to a million pod casts, you tube video’s, reading everything I can get my hands on for this blog. I want to share the successess and frankly, the failures that I had, have, and will have along the way.

Just think… you get a front row seat to all of it.

This blog will contain some non-sense, some tragedy, some laughs, but a tremendous amount of love and care. A lot of useful information, I hope, and I look forward to making so many friends through this process. I have already made so many connections with the blogging sites, facebook pages, and the people I am following who have been successful at this.

I CANNOT WAIT until I reach my goal of making this blog, my dream come true, working for myself, and no one else!

I will be linking my website for setting yourself up with essential oils in some of the pages, and my goal is to post one blog post every Sunday, but also, post something about oils on Monday and a quote or a recipe on Wednesdays — starting in March.

Be on the look out, and let me know what I can be doing better. I want you to follow, subscribe, and find this beneficial.

Much love & respect,


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