All day sports events for our children can be very exhausting and surely be long days if you are not prepared.

We all know this place well…

So, here is a list of ways to prepare for those long days—or at least try.

Over the weekend Olivia had an all day Volleyball tournament about an hour and a half away. My boyfriends daughter also had a Cheerleading competition here locally. We prepared, but while there, learned that we could have been more prepared then we were. So, my boyfriend and I were talking about this weeks blog post, and he suggested a blog post about how to pack successfully for kids all day tournaments. He is not only handsome, but blog-brilliant!

Olivia is a heck of a Volleyball player, she is a total “beast” as one of the mothers said at the tournament, and that is true counting the bruises on her elbows, knees and some that have yet to appear on her mid section. We will talk about how to prepare for the tournament and how to recover your athlete after. Because recovery is key!

Items to bring: Depends somewhat on if it is inside or outside

Canvas chairs—can be used inside or outside

Blankets—these can have inside events and outside event benefits

Pillows—in case your athlete has time to rest, they can take a nap with the blanket and pillow

Any medications that anyone will need along with extra Band-Aids and antiseptic

Hair ties—cause they break

Tissues & baby wipes—never know when you may need to clean up something, or they run out of TP

Battery packs fully charged for electronics

Cash—may be concessions to buy the “walking taco” OMG these are amazing!

Cooler to keep the foods for your athlete (listed below) cold

Sunscreen, hats, umbrella—outside

Jackets, gloves, blankets, hand warmers to keep your warm—outside

These are just ideas… I am really not that mom that is that prepared as stated above.

For the family—while they watch:

Canvas wagon, that you can carry stuff in—especially if you set up camp as a team to not kill your back

Sandwiches pre made at home—leave the condiments off so they do not get soggy


Comfy seat cushions—bleachers hurt the booty after a while

Or, Canvas chairs if there is room to set the up around the gym inside

Electronics to keep the little ones occupied

A tent is a helpful item if you are outside, and have little ones, or just to get everyone including your athlete out of the sun

Tents are great for outdoor events

Setting up camp:
One thing that we did this weekend as a team that I thought was genius was setting up a team “camp” each family brought something healthy for the kids to munch and we set up chairs, tables, blankets etc. for everyone. That way when the kids needed a break, or we needed a break we had somewhere to go and sit, charge our phones, and just relax for a few minutes in between games.

Food Frequency:
So, this is critical to the process it is not only about what you are feeding your athlete, but also about when and how much.

During the sporting event when they have small breaks, feed them high protein foods, and small portions. This will alleviate cramping and stomach issues while they are playing, one thing that always worked for me in high school sports, and later on as a ballerina—no for real, I danced for a ballet company in my early 20’s. Eat pasta, it is a carb, therefore, it has sugar, and will give energy fast—now partner that with celery and peanut butter. Yes the pasta will be cold, but it is like I said quick energy.

Now, when they have larger breaks between games, you can give them something more substantial and heavier. Proteins, chicken, a pita wrap, hummus with celery. Never let them eat until they are over full, that is counter productive and just like my weight loss blog discusses, if you have too much food in your stomach the body will send blood there, and that causes fatigue and stomach cramps.

Here is the link to my weight loss blog post:

Food for athletes to keep their energy up:

High protein foods like:

  • chicken
  • nuts
  • cheese
  • peanut butter
  • hard boiled eggs
  • jerky
  • hummus
  • yogurt
  • or tuna—proteins help keep sugars steady, which in turn keeps energy levels steady as well
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Grains, Nuts, Trail Mix


  • Crackers
  • Pita bread—put the chicken in here super yummy chicken recipe is coming soon
  • Spaghetti or elbow noodles, these give quick energy
  • Dry cereal
  • Bagels
  • Pretzels

Dairy products:

Milk and cheese are a good combination of carbs and protein, this will also help in the recovery stage


Water—keep this in the cooler in the shade if you are outside and keep it handy—and a lot of it.

Funny enough, but milk occasionally throughout the day as well for the protein and the good Vitamins and Minerals

Why am I reminded of Ron Burgundy in Anchor man? HAHAHAHAHA

Recovery stage:

So, after the kids have played all day and played their hearts out, they have to have time to recover. This stage is critical, just like when we work out, or spend the day working out in the yard in the heat it is imperative that we all recover—or we pay the next day, and possibly for days after.

After a long day at play, they will need a change of clothing to keep the warm, dry, and comfortable.

You, take a hot bath too!

During the recovery stage they will need those complex carbs, protein, water (of course) and healthy fats. Make sure they get a good nights sleep, and that they take a hot bath to alleviate any muscle soreness that may have already set in. Use Epson salts and Lavender Essential oils to calm them in the tub, this will help with muscle atrophy and put them right to sleep.

Water! Water! Water! Water—a lot of it. Gatorade is okay, but not a ton of it because it does have a ton of salt in it. Many pediatricians actually warn against Gatorade because of the high amounts of sugar and salt that is in it. Now, on a day where they have been playing sports all day, it may be okay.
You can always use Lemon from the Young living Essential Oils line to make the water taste better for the kids as well.

Here is the link to my young living page—

I hope you found these things helpful, and it helps with the next long sports day for the kids. Remember we have all been there, and we have to ban together to survive! I’m teasing, I am so “that mom” at her games.

Much love & respect,


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