I love this quote for the truth that it tells, and the fact that this can flow into so many aspects of our daily life. It can be relationships with signifigant others, work, a habit, a friend, our just changing the way see do things or see ourselves.

Each day is an opportunity to begin a new, to try to do thing differently–to change how our story will end. I recently spoke with a women who is ending her second marriage with a narcassist, and is in her 50’s. She said to me, “this is an opportunity for me to start my life over again.” She also said that she has had to start her life over many times because of lifes little road blocks, which is why she cannot retire at 65 and will have to work until she dies. Now, I hope that is not the case, but I feel her frustration as I had to start my life over a few times as well. The key is to learn from those mistakes and choose that the story will end differently. If you are attracted to the bad boys, and they do nothing but hurt you, maybe choose differently next time. Good guys are pretty great by the way.

Challenges come and go, opportunities appear, and life throws us the toughest curve balls when we just picked ourselves up from the last one. However, we decide if the issue at hand will beat us down, or become part of the story.

The story we get to narrate for our lives is ours to write. We get to decide that the things, or people in our lives that are toxic get to stay, or they have to go. We decide to smoke, or drink, or drive poorly, we decide… we also decide to change those things about ourselves. We can quit smoking, we can quit beating ourselves up mentally, we decide, how the story will end of those things because we have control. We do not control others, or if we get a disease, but we can cut down our chances with changing our behaviors, we can decide.

I love this quote and I think about this quote whenever I am having a tough time, I think to myself, I decide how this will end. I think that one day, I will be able to give my notice to my current career because I am very successful as the Savvy Mom. I pray for that because I do not want to end my story with…. “I wish I had put more effort into my blog….or, myself”

Much Love, @mber

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