From fab to farm life… and when I say fab… I mean fabulously fabulous. That is not to say that I am not still fabulous around the edges, but in a previous life, I wore 4- 5 inch heels, dressed to the 9’s and lived a life chasing material happiness.

I have since realized that the material happiness did not truly fill me, what I have been seeking is in this beautiful simple life. The life where I wear muck boots, work in the gardens, find joy in the things that make life happen. Alot of this has to do with the people that are in my life, and the love of a good man, my daughers pure happiness, and the 3 amazing children that came along with my love.

I am in love with this life, the home we are building together, the family that I have gained, and that my parents love this life for me. This post is not suppose to be about the farm, and my life as much as it about the way that we can get lost in the material items, and not living life to the fullest. We find comfort in things that will never love us back, they may be fun to have and offer some kind of prestige but that is short lived.

There are many sayings and quotes about happiness and how to either achieve it, or how it is not obtained. The keys to happiness mostly come from within each of us, we have the capabilities to be happy on our own. We sometimes just let life lead us down a path that does not bring out our best, or inner happiness.

Here are 10 ways to bring out your inner happiness:

  1. Decide to be happy! You are the only one that can control if you are happy or upset. If you have to leave a job because it is not fulfilling your needs or get toxic people out of your life. Afterall, this is your time, and your emotional state it should be clear of toxic relationships.
  2. Choose the people who are in your personal life for their positive attributes. Be around happy people who make you happy.
  3. Find people who share your passion. I was not living my truth until I had amazing conversations with two of my closest life long friends that put it all in perspective. They both encouraged me to write, they told me that they believed in me. Sometimes even as an adult we have to hear that someone believes in us. Plus, Olivia was super excited for us to be blogging again. (She is the social media director.)
  4. Although similar to above–find happy people to be around. It is amazing what the negative Nelly that comes to your cube at work to complain can actually leave behind. Those types of people will leave behind a cloud of negativity that can actually stick around, and turn you negative when you were just fine before they came over.
  5. Be true to you! Make sure that you remain true to your core, your character, your integrity, your overarching value system. When you are not true to those things, over time you will lose who you are. If you do things that impact your integrity, this can lead you down a path of self distruction.
  6. One of the most important elements of happiness, finding it is in the small things. Take stock in the things that matter family, friends, your children, the things that matter. Not the things that do not. Would we all be happy with more money? Yes, would we all be happy if everything we wanted worked out? Of course! That’s human nature.
  7. Control what you can control– I use to be an OCD maniac on steroids about clutter, and things being out of place. I realized while moving in my boyfriends house that not everyone is OCD about everything, and having things in their place is not a reflection that I am a good person, but it actually scared people and made them not comftorable in my home. I am still obsessive, but I have relaxed considerably.
  8. Imagine that you are getting everything that you desire! Just like we can put negativity into the air, we can also put positivity. Believe that you will achieve your dreams, and see yourself getting the things that you want. Imagine how that will feel… do you see it, and feel it? Remember that feeling, and work towards it.
  9. Do things that make you happy! Do them as often as possible to rejuvinate your spirit.
  10. Change your outlook if you are generally the pessimist, decide to be positive for the next day, then week, then month. You will see how much this changes your outlook on the world. You will feel better to move from the negative to the positive outlook.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, the tips outlined above are a change in mind set more than anything. They do not cost money, but rather just a decision to be happier and find the beauty in everything. If we are concious of our mind, and of our outlook we can change how we react to life. Further creating a life we do not need a vacation from.

Sometimes it may even require moving back home to the small town that you grew up in, so you can run into your brother at the store, or watch your niece and nephew play sports. Be able to drop in on your parents at a moments notice, have that small town feel, and run into a guy you went to high school with and end up with the life you didn’t know you always wanted. Find your happiness, life is too short to not be happy in it. You deserve this!

Love & Respect, @mber

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