Raven essential oil can be directly inhaled to support respiratory health. Raven has antiviral and antiseptic qualities to it, to provide a boost during times of chest difficulty.

Spring is almost here in the North East and it is almost time to start prepping for seasonal irritations from all the beautiful flowers blooming.

Raven is also very useful for cooling down after a workout or working out in the sun. Combine coconut oil along with a few drops of Raven to provide a cooling rub for your skin. Raven should not be used on children under 6, and should be tested on your skin, just like any other new product you introduce to your routine.

Raven is included in the Young Living Starter kit that you receive as a new member of the Young Living Family.

Utilize this link to sign up for Young Living Essential Oils: https://savvymomsurvivalguide.com/2019/02/18/savvy-mom-young-living-link/

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