The Valor oil has many uses and comes in the 2019 Premium Starter Kit. Valor is a mix of a few different oils which may lead to it being so versatile, frankincense, blue tansy, rosewood, and spruce leave the essence of outdoors and relaxation.

This oil reminds me of Summertime in the State of Maine with my family. That automatically brings me peace, the nose is attached to the brain systems which hold onto our memories–I love this oil just for that purpose.

I like to call this oil, the opposite oil, it can help someone sleep but it can also help give them energy. The oil is also effective for dealing with anxiety and stress, this oil is so versatile, it just really depends on how you plan on using it.


  • Sleep
  • Calming Anxiety
  • Energy
  • Relieves headache & neck pain
  • Cleaning
  • Hormonal & Emotional Support
  • Alleviates joint pain

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For those of us that suffer from headaches, and stiff necks Valor is also useful in helping reduce the inflammation associated with those issues. Apply directly to the headache area, or the stiff neck for the best results, as with any oil test it out first, then if it causes any irritation partner it with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, avocado oil, or olive oil.

Using Valor for energy, who could not use more energy this oil not only smells great, but it also has a gorgeous blue tone to it thanks to the blue tansy which is a main ingredient. Valor is one of the oils that we can turn to instead of caffeine during the day when we feel sluggish– place valor on your wrist, or inhale. This is one of the oils that I would place in a essential oil diffuser bracelet that is available on

To balance ourselves with stress and anxiety rub Valor on your wrist, and inhale the wonderful scent of Valor. It is also stated that Valor can help with hormonal balances when necessary as well. This is known for its energy properties, but it seems to be very versatile for uses with calming as well.

The Savvy Mom shop also has beautiful bracelets that you can use to hold the Valor scent on your wrist to reduce anxiety.

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Mix Valor oil (just one drop) in with your thieves cleaner to add additional cleaning and anti-fungal qualities.

To enjoy the wonderful world of essential oils please contact us at with any questions.

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