A lot of folks are concerned about the costs associated with starting a Young Living Healthy living journey so, I broke down the costs of the starter kit for wholesale re-purchase versus retail re-purchase.

The hope is that folks will see that becoming a Young Living Member will not only save money, but provide a healthy lifestyle that is affordable. How I broke this down was the costs to replace the starter kit oils, BUT rest assured, once you start using the starter kit oils, you will want to branch out into other oils. The prices for other oils are included in the product guide you will receive with your Starter kit as well as online at Youngliving.com

Young Living 2019 Premier Starter Kit

So, for $165.00 dollars, you receive over $500.00 worth of oils and Young Living products!

In order for you to start the journey towards healthy living you will want to sign up as a wholesale member with the savvy mom oil link.


In addition, Young Living offers a program called Essential Rewards where you earn points back on every purchase. The points that are accumulated through monthly purchases can be used to get oils for free. I use my points to buy the oils I want to try out, that may be a bit more expensive. So, it is kind of like an oils savings account.

Essential Rewards… I really could not explain it any better than Young Living can… so I copied their description, and you can also learn more about it on the YoungLiving.com website.

I know it is not all about cost for everyone, but for a lot of folks it is, I wanted to set aside some of the hesitation that I had when I was approached about Young Living. I was so worried it was something I could not afford, now it is something I cannot afford to live without!

The healthy lifestyle that Young Living products provide is amazing, just think, if you removed all of the toxic household cleaners from your house and replaced it with thieves. Not only is that one less toxin that is no longer lingering in your house, but is a truly the ALL-IN-ONE cleaner!

All of these samples are available on the Savvy Mom Shop!

Removing toxins, quitting smoking, or reliance on medications, reducing stress, helping through hormonal and emotional times that is what Young Living is about~ living your best life! Who does not want to live their best life right…well start with your body, cleanse your home of toxins, and enjoy the wellness that Young Living will provide.

16oz. Clear Glass Spray Bottle available at the Savvy Mom Shop for $11.95 https://savvymomsurvivalguide.com/product/clear-glass-spray-bottles-16oz/

If you have any questions at all please drop me an email at Savvysinglemomad@gmail.com

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