My tin can full of wool dryer balls… which I have to hide from the cats…

As we work through the process of removing toxins from our house we may forget about the things like dryer sheets. It is easy to do as they seem harmless enough, and oh so necessary in order to get our clothes dry and keep them smelling fresh, along with removing static.

Benefits of Wool Dryer Balls:

In addition to removing the toxins from your drying process, there are financial benefits as well– no more buying dryer sheets that are used once, and then thrown away. Which in addition also helps save the environment because we are not placing even more one time use items in the trash. Removing skin irritants from gathering on our clothing, which later is pressed to our skin. We have to remember that everything we put in, on, or around our skin can cause sickness, and also run down our natural immune system.

Removing dryer sheets from your life is an easy way to remove the toxins from the household.

Wool Ball Spray Recipe:

Use a 16oz. glass spray bottle (you can purchase one on the Savvy Mom store) hint~ hint. There is no shame in my self promoting game!

  1. Fill the spray bottle half way with unscented witch hazel
  2. Place in your desired oils, I suggest the more oils you use the less drops of each. I used 5 different oils, because each have some sort of antibacterial quality. I placed about 3-4 drops of each in the bottle. The oils I selected were Lavender, Lime, Purification, Lemongrass, and Grapefruit.
  3. Fill the remainder of the bottle with water–which is why you have to “shake well” because as we all know oil and water do not mix. HAHA Note: The water helps keep the ball moisturized a bit longer than just plain witch hazel or using vinegar (plus no one wants their clothes smelling like vinegar.)

How to use the spray and wool balls:

  1. Place all of your clothes in the dryer
  2. Put the wool ball in your hand inside the dryer (this way you do not waste any spray)
  3. Spray your ball — I would say a good 3-4 sprays with my spray bottle do just fine for us. We have 6 people at any one given time I am doing laundry for, so I know about drying clothing effectively.

The only issue that I have found with these is that the cats like to knock them out of the tin container I kept them in, and once that happens the dogs get ahold of them. Annnnndddd… then I am down one more wool ball–good thing I can get them on Amazon.

This is not an affiliate link– I just have been super happy with these.

Please let me know if you have any questions at I really hope you find this as helpful and economical as I do. Visit the Savvy Mom Shop to get your spray bottle for $11.95!

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