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 So, sleepless nights, restless sleep… this is something that so many of us struggle with. I found a recipe that helps resolve the “getting to sleep” part. Once we are asleep we go through so many stages of sleep before we actually achieve restful sleep. The hard part is getting there and going through all the stages of sleep

The point of sleep is giving our bodies time to rest of course, but also, time to heel from the illnesses, and issues that live inside our bodies and minds. Did you know that while we sleep our memories are being permanently placed in our minds? I did not.

Have you ever noticed that something that may have been weighting heavy on your mind at bed time; may not seem so terrible the next morning? That is because your mind had time to stop obsessing over it, time to process the day, and time to rest. The trouble that most of us have is getting to sleep and staying asleep for the duration to allow the heeling and rest that we so desperately need. Well, I am going to help you with that… or at least try to in a healthy non-prescription kind of way.

Beautiful Lavender

Sleep Stages

Stage 1: During this stage eye movement slows and the brain produces waves called Alpha & Theta waves (isn’t that a sorority or something) this period of time lasts about 7 minutes. This is a stage of light sleep, and some research calls it the “cat nap” phase, because we are not in a solid sleep yet. We are simply preparing for sleep and “makin’ waves” haha.. couldn’t resist.


Stage 2: This also is not a heavy sleep stage, the brain starts to produce what the experts call “sleep spindles” a lot happens at this point, and honestly I am not even close to smart enough to explain what that means. It has something to do with setting your memories and triggering things off in our brains to protect our brains. Overall, this is still a very light sleep as well.

Stage 3 & 4: Ok, so we made it! This is where deep sleep begins, but we are not yet to the R.E.M stage, and no, not that R.E.M, (the band in the 90’s) so only the folks my age may get the reference. Anyway, the waves in our brains are starting to slow down again, and the chances of waking up lessen as we travel towards deeper sleep. In this stage, we are starting to get to the point where the body is starting the process of repairing muscles, tissues, growth along with development.

The interesting part of this that I never thought about, is that during this stage of sleep, this is where our energy is created for the next day!!! This is where we are making our deposits for tomorrow to be our best selves, and to be able to fight off the environmental allergens, issues that we face mentally… and a long list of other reasons why we should have a full tank of energy.

REM Stage: R.E.M stands for “rapid eye movement” (still not the 90’s alternative rock band). But, the stage of sleep– this is the goal. It takes about 90 minutes to get to this stage, so this is not going to happen when we are taking a quick cat nap or as my friends and I use to do in our early 30’s while the kids slept– the notorious “power nap.” Generally, R.E.M is our goal, however, we do not stay here very long, we are only here for about an hour or so according to my research. But, the nice part is that on average we reach R.E.M 5 or 6 times a night! YEAH! This is where we dream, our eyes move, blood pressure and heart rate increases. Breathing changes to become faster, irregular, and shallow.

Another neat function of R.E.M sleep is that during this period of time memories, things that we learn from the previous day are stored into our long term memory bank.

In order to help us get to the stages that benefit us the most, many folks use Lavender by itself to relax. We also try and get into the stages as quickly as possible, however, the “getting to the stages” part is the hard part. I developed a Lavender pillow spray to help in a couple of ways, Lavender to help get us to sleep, and the other beneficial ingredients to help with anti-bacterial properties and also to provide good vibrations while we sleep.

Antibacterial Qualities

Why is this important??? Well, because as I researched sleep to develop this blend, and to understand “getting to sleep” I also discovered that (which I already kind of knew) that we lose many skin cells. We deposit many germs, and welllll, there are just germs in the world–so why not have something that can also help take the germs off our pillow. That makes me sleepy just thinking about a nice clean pillow covered in Lavender.

Lavender Pillow Spray

Ingredients for a 4oz bottle

3 drops Lavender Young Living essential oil

3 drops Young Living Citrus Fresh

3 drops Young Living Bergamot

1 oz. of Witch Hazel

1.5 oz. distilled water (boil your water, you can achieve the same process)

Mix all of the above ingredients in a 4oz spray bottle, shake, and spray a little on your pillow at night, see how much quicker you fall asleep with the pleasant aroma. 

I hope that you learned a bunch about sleep and why quality sleep is so very important. Please try out the Lavender Pillow Spray and leave me a review. I will be adding Lavender Pillow Spray to the Shop if you just want to save the hassle and have me make it for you. Check out the shop for all kinds of fun things to use with your oils.

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Sweet Dreams!

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