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I went to a Young Living party… and all I got was this kit!!! That is not entirely true, but it is a useful adage from t-shirts “Someone who loves me went to New Mexico (add your own State) and all I got was this T-shirt.”

That is sooooo not the case, because when you purchase the kit from Young Living and take the first step towards true life change; you receive so much more in return. Young Living team members are some of the most passionate people I have ever met. Once you make a commitment to the oily life, you cannot help but live it and have the passion for oils in your heart and soul.

As I have broken down in my other blog post about the starter kit– you receive over $600.00 in oils for $165.00 (depending on which kit and diffuser you purchased) plus all the books, resources, and your Young Living representative to help you. Yes the kit, for all that you get is ONLY $165.00 for the premium starter kit (as of the date of this blog post).

This is the comparison list of everything that you get in the Premium starter kit for retail vs. wholesale

I wish that oils were free to start for everyone, but there is a purchase upfront to get started.. then it is my purpose to educate you on how awesome they are and how to use them to better your whole life.

Anyway, all of that information is great when you are at the party, or receive the kit as a gift. What about when you are at home looking at this box of beautiful oils… by yourself and smelling all the luxurious rich smells… now what? Throw it all in the diffuser!! NO!!!! DO NOT throw all the amazing oils in the diffuser! Some are great for that, and some are made for other wonderful purposes.

The reason the blog has become even more of a passion project on the subject of oils is because I heard a lot of people say, “I just throw everything in to the diffuser.” I heard this so much last fall when I was doing festivals and selling the Savvy Mom mixtures, jewlery, sprays, etc. It started to make me sad, and the more people I talked to– the more it revved up my engine to write this blog post.

Check out the Savvy Mom shop at the top of this page or on Etsy at SavvyEssentialOils

I felt so bad for these folks because they have such a valuable tool at their fingertips, and they were just diffusing it. Do not get me wrong, diffuse away! But, the oils are so much more valuable than that.

Now, I know, I cannot expect everyone to fall in love with oils like I have, but what I do try to show on the blog are the benefits, and uses so that someone else may fall in love.

Anyway, you came here to learn what to do now that you have this kit full of fab-u-lous-ness!

The kit should include all the oils mentioned in the blog post above. I say should because they change them from time to time. The blog post above the price comparison I did reflecting the benefits of membership versus retail purchasing oils. So, if you received the kit as a gift, you may also may want to consider Essential Rewards–outlined in the post above “Young Living Retail vs. Wholesale Cost Comparison.”

Ok, so first off if I were you… which I was when I got my kit December of 2019, I would open up the kit and take a journey through each oil, check out the thieves product, open everything up and SMELL!!!

Next, drink the Ningxia Red packet, I like mine cold, so put it in the fridge– then immediately go to Young and place a box in your cart!

Also, immediately place a bottle of thieves cleaner in your cart as well.

Then go to Savvy Mom shop (just click above in the menu bar) or the Etsy shop (savvyessentialoils) and put a glass bottle or two in your cart and purchase them to use with your thieves cleaner.

I promise you with thank me later on all these points.

Now back to sniffing…

Enjoy the amazing journey your senses will go on– go ahead close your eyes–imagine a lavender field waving in front of you in France. Smell a citrus grove made of sunshine and happiness, imagine candy canes, as you lose yourself in the scent of Peppermint. Transfer yourself to a place of comfort and soothing with Peace and Calming.

Can you smell it?

I have written many blog posts about the oils in your starter kit, visit the link below to review those blog posts. There are many others as well that you will want to order and place in your cart over time– I promise once you start enjoying the benefits of the oils they are like collecting garbage pail kids cards from when we were kids. Yes, I just told you I am over 40… haha.

The diffuser:

This is such a valuable part of the kit, and also part of the entire oily process. The diffuser, can be used in any room of your home, and is so easy to use. The diffuser disseminates the scents of the oils, providing essential aromatherapy around the room for freshness and allows you and your whole family to breathe and gain the benefits together.

The folks at Young Living have written the perfect description for the Dessert Mist diffuser, I honestly could not do this wonderful product justice so I will let them tell you about it.

“Young Living’s Desert Mist Ultrasonic Diffuser is a brand-new, custom-designed diffuser made to look like a beautiful and elegant vase. The design features a romantic Moroccan trellis pattern, which brings a sense of the exotic into your home or office. It functions as a humidifier, atomizer, and aroma diffuser in one simple-to-use product. The Desert Mist also offers multiple settings—High, Low, and Intermittent mode— to permeate your home or office for up to 10 hours of blissful aromatherapy. The Desert Mist is designed to run longer and offer more features, so you can customize your aromatherapy experience to any mood. It offers 10 LED colored light options, including an alluring candle-like flicker mode. With its beautiful design, this elegant diffuser will fit right in with any home or office décor.” –

The diffuser will become your new best friend for wonderful blends during many times of your life like:

  • Getting ready for work –having a relaxing mixture going to start the day
  • Utilizing oils in the car with a car diffuser (available on the savvy mom shop) shameless plug
  • Diffusing at work during the day to provide a level of calmness in a hectic work life
  • Placing oils in necklaces (available on savvy mom shop) also a shameless plug
  • After work to help reduce stress

Numerous other ways to use the oils: (See the other ‘Essential information on oils’ blog post for more details)

  • Placing oils on your body for the day– to provide feelings of calmness, and relaxation
  • Placing oils in necklaces (available on savvy mom shop) also a shameless plug
  • In our meals to increase flavor of our food
  • Make fresh smelling sprays for your home
  • Cleaners for your home– general cleaning, wood floors, toilets, floors, potty perfume, dusting, really any k ind of cleaning
  • Soaps, creams, wipes, dryer ball sprays, linen sprays, bug sprays
  • Animal care
  • Baby care, child care, and overall family care,
  • Make up remover, deodorant, toothpaste,
  • Etc, Etc, Etc.

These are all quick and easy I promise, I have a short, creative attention span, which is why short blog posts are better for me. And these longer ones take more time to get out to the blogosphere.

There is actually an excellent book that I found called “The Organic Country Home Handbook How to Make your own Healthy soaps, sprays, wipes and other cleaning products.” By Natalie Wise, I picked it up Tractor Supply and it has many awesome recipes in it.

Just a peek of some of the other amazing Young Living products

For instance Panaway is an amazing oil that can be used to help with muscle tension– made with Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove, and Peppermint oils. So this is what we call a “blend”– since it more than one “single” oil. I use Panaway for my shoulder that has a pre-existing injury when I have done too much, this helps soothe away some of the discomfort.

This is not one that I would readily put in the diffuser unless I was also having a day where I needed some sinus support.

For anyone that is a still in the research phase of essential oils the next step is up to you– use my Young Living link and take the next step to becoming a Young Living member and even a distributor of these amazing oils.

For those of you that already have your oils– read on with the blog posts, live healthy, and enjoy all the amazing benefits that Young Living Essential Oils have to offer.

Subscribe to the blog, come back frequently for additional information, check otu the Etsy page, and the Savvy Mom Oils FB & Instagram page.

Thank you for reading through this post I hope you found this helpful and informative.



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