Me and my favorite co-pilot in life… 

The savvy single mom survival guide page came along because I wanted to share things I wish I had known along the way over the last 14 years.  Parenting either for men or women is the hardest job anyone can ever sign up for!  But, Co-Parenting with someone else that you are no longer with and you have very strong feelings for either good or bad… well, that is a horse of another color for sure!  In this blog, I just wanted to share some experiences and resources I found along the way in hopes it would make someone else’s life easier.

I am a single mommy of a beautiful 14-year-old girl. I have raised her by myself for the most part of her life. That is not to say that her father has not been in the picture because he has, will discuss how to make this relationship work all throughout this blog.    Her father and I did not start out on the best footing, but we definitely have made the best of it over the years.

I look forward to writing content that is helpful, if you want to provide feedback, please comment, or send an email to the email in the contact page.

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