What I learned by being a single mom…

Tonight, as I sit here with massive writers block, but the desire to write it dawned on me that I could write about the one thing that I do not need to research, or think too hard about. I can write about all that I learned by being a single mommy. Being a single mom... Continue Reading →

How to raise a respectful teenager, by showing them respect…

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life. ~Richard Bach Since I was a little girl my father (AKA the Captain) has always said to me and my brothers "you respect the Garbage man as much as your respect the President of... Continue Reading →

How to combat picky eaters…

A blog post on how to combat picky eaters. Find out the reasons, and find ways to work with the picky eater.

How to prepare for kids all day sports events…

All day sports events for our children can be very exhausting and surely be long days if you are not prepared. We all know this place well... So, here is a list of ways to prepare for those long days—or at least try. Over the weekend Olivia had an all day Volleyball tournament about an... Continue Reading →

It’s called… working mom’s guilt

That painful twinge that you feel when you drop your child off at daycare, that feeling you get when you are rushing everyone to get dressed, and are hopping down the hallway with one shoe on, or running from the boardroom, to the gymnasium... it's called working mom's guilt! Working mothers—first things first, you are... Continue Reading →

8 tips on how to successfully co-parent

Although just the thought of co-parenting with your ex seems impossible at times, this is the only option you have! No relationship with any of the ex’s in the world is easy but there have been studies that show that children with parents who cannot successfully co-parent are more likely to end up with depression,... Continue Reading →

5 rules to “keeping it together” for your children’s sake

“Women are like teabags. You don’t know how strong they are until you put them in hot water. ~~ Eleanor Roosevelt This post is about the rules… no, no, no, not those rules, but the rules to surviving through this process. Rules about how to remain in control of your emotions, those pesky things that will sneak... Continue Reading →

How Schedules can be…a life saver!

Good Afternoon! This topic is very important in order to keep your sanity in this process of being a single parent. There is plenty of room for flexibility and if a task cannot get done that day, it can move to another day, very fluid. Just like dieting, if you eat the bag off cookies... Continue Reading →

Newly single mom–how do I do this?

It can feel lonely to be a single mom So, what does THIS mean? This may mean how do I co-parent? How do I start a new relationship? How do I raise my children by myself? How do I move past abuse, sadness, or feelings of failure? What happened? How did this place become my... Continue Reading →

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