Be the inspiration today!   Share a thought with a young mind, open up conversation with people around you, inspire a person who seems down today.   Giving makes receiving blessings so much sweeter.    Be mindful of those around us, this is very easy for me I am an empath by nature i can absorb other peoples... Continue Reading →

From Fab to Farm life…10 ways to find happiness

From fab to farm life... and when I say fab... I mean fabulously fabulous. That is not to say that I am not still fabulous around the edges, but in a previous life, I wore 4- 5 inch heels, dressed to the 9's and lived a life chasing material happiness. I have since realized that... Continue Reading →

Quote: …you have the power

I love this quote for the truth that it tells, and the fact that this can flow into so many aspects of our daily life. It can be relationships with signifigant others, work, a habit, a friend, our just changing the way see do things or see ourselves. Each day is an opportunity to begin... Continue Reading →

Life lessons for my daughter in quotes

Dear Daughters, As your parents, we realize that you will grow up, you will become amazing women that will take on the world that we have left for you. You will fall in love, have pain, have joy, find inspiration, and make mistakes. But we also know that you are a dynamic, imaginative, capable women... Continue Reading →

How to make your dreams come true…

You know that it is okay as a parent to chase our dreams as well. We have ambitions, desires, ideas of our own, and we are not bad people for wanting to follow them. I am not suggesting that we all run out and chase a Journey cover band all over the place. Dreams should... Continue Reading →

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