Wool Dryer Ball Uses and Blends

My tin can full of wood dryer balls... which I have to hide from the cats... As we work through the process of removing toxins from our house we may forget about the things like dryer sheets. It is easy to do as they seem harmless enough, and oh so necessary in order to get... Continue Reading →

Young Living Oils retail versus wholesale cost comparison…

A lot of folks are concerned about the costs associated with starting a Young Living Healthy living journey so, I broke down the costs of the starter kit for wholesale re-purchase versus retail re-purchase. The hope is that folks will see that becoming a Young Living Member will not only save money, but provide a... Continue Reading →

Valor Essential Oil

The Valor oil has many uses and comes in the 2019 Premium Starter Kit. Valor is a mix of a few different oils which may lead to it being so versatile, frankincense, blue tansy, rosewood, and spruce leave the essence of outdoors and relaxation. This oil reminds me of Summertime in the State of Maine... Continue Reading →

Why name the blog Savvy Mom Survival Guide?

Well, it was part of the name of the first blog I had, that I cannot get access to any longer, hence the reason for beginning Savvy Mom 2.0. Originally, the blog was called Savvy Single Mom Survival Guide it was on blogger. I decided to take the Single out because, well, I wanted to... Continue Reading →

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