Thieves cleaner sample & 16 oz. clear spray bottle


The Savvy Mom 16oz. bottle PLUS*** a 1 oz. sample of Young Living Thieves cleaner!

Thieves cleaner is a chemical free alternative to the harsh cleaning products most of us are use to bringing in our homes. I use thieves to clean my home from top to bottom, I use it on everything from the windows to the toilet, to the refrigerator handle, to the door knobs, to the faucet, to cleaning up after spills or animal accidents. This cleaner takes all of the guess work out of cleaning for me, I use it on everything, if I am not sure about a material, I first try it on a hidden area to ensure that there will not be any problems, so I suggest you do the same, but so far so good.

Instead of changing your cleaner each time you move to a different area of your home, just change your cleaning rag– wash the rags, and re-use instead of throwing away thousands of paper towels per year!

BONUS!!! If you purchase a thieves sample and 16 oz. bottle by 04/25/20 you will also receive a FREE cleaning rag courtesy of Savvy Mom!

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Weight 12.9 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 12 in


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