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Essential Information on Oils

I have a Young Living Essential Oil Kit… Now What?

Anyway, all of that information is great when you are at the party, or receive the kit as a gift. What about when you are at home looking at this box of beautiful oils… by yourself and smelling all the luxurious rich smells… now what? Throw it all in the diffuser!! NO!!!! DO NOT throw all the amazing oils in the diffuser! Some are great for that, and some are made for other wonderful purposes.

Essential Oil Blog

Homemade Hand Sanitizer Recipe with Essential Oils

Hi all! I love that I have had so many folks reach out to me and ask me for a recipe, or ask me how to make hand sanitizer. I love you all for having faith in me for this. So, I could not pass up this opportunity to pass on a recipe that I …

Individual Oils & Diffuser Blends

Raven Essential Oil

Raven essential oil can be directly inhaled to support respiratory health. Raven has antiviral and antiseptic qualities to it, to provide a boost during times of chest difficulty. Spring is almost here in the North East and it is almost time to start prepping for seasonal irritations from all the beautiful flowers blooming. Raven is …

Individual Oils & Diffuser Blends

White Angelica Essential Oil

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. I may make a small commission if you purchase something. I recently wrote a blog post about finding happiness.     An essential oil that helps keep the negativity away and the good juju in is White Angelica.   Here’s the link to the fab to farm 10 ways to find …

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